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english-30 Toto je anglická verze. Pro českou prosím běžte na Dračí kalendář: DRACI 2023 SPECIÁLNÍ EDICE.

Support our project by purchasing a special edition! Your Dragon Calendar will be adorned with personal dedication and signatures from 9 authors of illustrations. You will also receive 3 beautiful postcards and dragon enamel pin. All shipped in a stronger cardboard envelope.


Dragon Calendar: DRAGONS 2023 is a collection of fantasy illustrations with dragons from 13 authors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Anybody who can paint and love fantasy can join our project. From all the submitted artworks we choose by vote those most beautiful and publish them in the calendar. This year’s theme is “Dragons and Their Treasures”, so you will find a lot of guardian dragons or passionate collectors. And you do not even have to say goodbye to your most favourite illustrations at the end of the year – simply cut them along the black edges to create up to 13 beautiful images of 297 × 370 mm, which you can also frame.

Postcards are A6 size, enamel pin is 40 mm big and can be attached to any textiles. It is a portrait-oriented wall calendar of A3 size (297 × 420 mm) with 14 pages. The calendar is professionally digitally printed on matte papers and tied with black spiral binding with a hook for hanging. The first page is protected with transparent cover and there is a solid cardboard against folding on the back. In addition to the epic front page and 12 pages with the months of 2023, you will get a bonus page with a surprise” (: 


The selected authors of this year are:

  • Front page - Rastislav Le
  • January - Jana “Dragona” Rybová
  • February - Katrin “LeSoldatMort” Buttig
  • March - Jana Vyskočilová
  • April - Adéla Stopka
  • May - Eva “Celebril” Urbaníková
  • June - Anna “Sarianne” Neumannová
  • July - Jiří Kůs
  • August - Monika “Allagar” Ručková
  • September - Michal Peichl
  • October - Lída “Aegeri” Holubová
  • November - Alena Kubíková
  • December - Lucie “Dragarta” Kostková
  • Bonus page - Team of 12 authors
  • Postcard #005 - Michal Peichl
  • Postcard #006 - Anna Linhartová
  • Enamel pin - Jana “Dragona” Rybová

  • Postcard #007 - Anna “Kyuubs” Tebichová
  • Postcard #008 - Martina “FantasyArt” Medveďová
  • Postcard #009 - Markéta “Mailin” Munduchová
  • Enamel pin - In the making

When signing, the calendar passes through the hands of several people and may already look a little "touched". Thank you for your understanding. 

The Dragon Calendar is designed and prepared by Dragarta. It is officially published 25. August 2022 and it is available both in Czech and English.

Watch also our page Dragon Calendar on Facebook or Instagram and keep track of the current events in the project!


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Položka byla vyprodána…

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